Double Tuff Blueticks 

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Our Kennel line up for 2015:

Performance Sires:

Grand Nite Champion Cold Creek Blue Brummy

Grnitech Grch Nolan Creek Pride's Maverick HTX 3

Male Pups:

Double Tuff Blue Ranger(Brummy X Hooch)

Double Tuff Blue Titan(Brummy X Hooch)

Double Tuff Blue Gunslinger(Brummy X Sue)

Double Tuff Blue Rev(Maverick X Bandage)


Nitech Ch Mad Dog House Dog(4 wins each to Grand)(Heavy Spanky bred)

Nitech True Blue Maybe(Heavy Echo Bred)

Double Tuff Blue Hooch(Heavy Echo Bred)

Double Tuff Blue Bitty(Uchtman/Skunk Creek)

Uchtman's Blue Diamond Sue(UKC 1st, 3rd)(Smokey River/Uchtman)

Mead's Blue Hope(Jet/Pounder)

Green's OK River Dixie(Boomer/Jet)

 UPDATE! I recently added some new females to my kennel. I will talk about them a little bit in another section. I normally do not raise more than a couple of litters a pups a year. Specifically if it is a litter I am wanting a pup from. However, I have been unable to keep up with the demand for pups off of Brummy and Maverick. I have several litters planned for 2015. I will also be raising a couple of litters of pups off of Brent Bowlings Nitech Woodrow dog. He is a throw gravel, get by himself and tree real live coons type hound.  

Double Tuff Blue Ranger, Brummy X Hooch. 

I am really excited to introduce you all to some new females I have purchase recently. 

#1. Mead's Blue Hope- Hope is off of Jet 6 Again and a female directly off Pounder, her maternal grand mother is Brummy's dam, Nitech Ch Carter's Blue Lilly. She is a get yonder, loud mouthed tree dog deluxe!. She is a really big female pushing 80lbs. She has reproduced a high % of early starting dogs that are finishing in the hunts. I will be breeding her to Brummy when she comes back in heat.

#2. Green's Ok River Dixie- Dixie is off of Terry Tucker's Boomer dog and Ed Mead's Lady II female off of 6 Again and Treeslammin' Lady. I have been hunting Dixie some and all I can say is WOW...she gets gone in a hurry and covers a lot of real estate fast...she is a quick strike dog and a forever more treedog. I can't wait to actually get her into hunting shape to see exactly how Tuff she actually is...I really like what I see out of her. She will be bred to Brummy when she comes in. 

#3. Double Tuff Blue Bitty- Bitty is a littermate sister to the Smoke dog that Brent Bowling and I used to own together. She has an all grand pedigree and is off of Uncle Pen and Skunk Creek Mandy. Bitty is not a dog for the competition hunts. She acts like she was chewed up around the tree at an early age, but by herself...she is really nice. I will be crossing her on Nitech Double Springs Woodrow when she comes in. 

#4. Nitech Ch Mad Dog House Dog- "Molly" as we call her, is one tough female. She is a super athletic built female with good dark color and and really good mouth. She is a superb tree dog and will hold all the pressure you can put on her. She lacks one win each to finish to a dual grand and thanks to the help of my good friend Doyle Rutledge, she should finish out quickly this month.(April 2015). She will be bred to Brummy when she comes in. 

#5. Nitech True Blue Maybe- I bought half interest in Maybe from Brent Bowling. She is heavy line bred on old Echo and is, in my opinion, one of the toughest females out there today. Unfortunately her hunting career is over due to contacting Irlichia and the vet recommending we do nothing but raise pups out of her. She only lacks 2 more wins to Grnitech. We will be breeding her to Nitech Double Springs Woodrow when she comes in. 

Welcome to Double Tuff Blueticks, home of 2015 UKC Performance Sires, Grand Nite Champion Cold Creek Blue Brummy and Dual Grand Nolan Creek Pride's Maverick HTX 3. I am located in the Great State of Oklahoma. I hunt my dogs in several different kinds of terrain and conditions, from the rolling hills and hollars of South Eastern Oklahoma to the big river bottoms of Central Oklahoma. I have a couple of very nice females that are well bred, loud mouthed, independent and accurate coon tree'rs that have no problem getting through the country to get the job done. No dog is perfect, but I am very happy with what I am hunting here at Double Tuff and look forward to improving on that with each cross I make. If you are interested in breeding to Brummy, please give me a call. I will do everything I can to ensure you get a nice litter of blue pups with looks, brains and ability that you will be proud to show in the woods any night. Check out Brummy for your next litter off of your fine blue female, Brummy, Mav and I thank you for your consideration.