Double Tuff Blueticks 

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Our Kennel line up for 2014:

Performance Sires:

Grand Nite Champion Cold Creek Blue Brummy

Grnitech Grch Nolan Creek Pride's Maverick HTX 3

Nitech Twin Springs' Blue Glide

Male Pups:

Double Tuff Big Blue Bubba(Brummy X Grnitech Lady)

Double Tuff Blue Ranger(Brummy X Hooch)

Double Tuff Blue Titan(Brummy X Hooch)

Double Tuff Blue Rocket(Brummy X Hooch)


Double Tuff Blue Hooch

Double Tuff Blue Gypsy

Uchtman's Blue Diamond Sue

 UPDATE! I recently added a couple of new additions to my kennel. After a lot of thought and consideration, I purchased Dual Grand Nolan Creek Pride's Maverick HTX 3 from Chris Gray in Georgia. Maverick is no newcomer to the winners circle and will continue to compete here. He is reproducing some really nice young hounds too with some titling in the nite hunts already as well as quite a few with places toward Nitech. I also added a new female that will serve several purposes here. Uchtman's Blue Diamond Sue is a reproducer, a heck of a coon dog and a great pup trainer. She has a UKC first and second place in minimal hunts and she will be finished out to Nitech in short order. I will add pics of her and Maverick soon. 

I have payed up Glide's performance for 2014. I am still waiting for confirmation on his DNA from UKC, but I should be getting this back very soon. I had plans to breed my heavy Smokey River bred female to Glide if she would come in heat. However, when I got her back she was in really bad shape and infested with heart worms. Unfortunately, she did not survive the treatment and we lost her. On a good note, Lee Smith, the owner of Dual Grand Twin Springs' Bullet II, has called and is leasing two litter mate sisters to breed to Glide when they come in heat. 

I recently sold Double Tuff Blue Juice to Brent Bowling and look forward to seeing Brent finish her in the hunts and raise a nice litter off of Juice and Nitech Double Spring's Woodrow. This should be a great cross similar to what we have been doing here. I wish him the best of luck with Juice, "Miss Treedog". 

Welcome to Double Tuff Blueticks, home of 2014 UKC Performance Sire, Grand Nite Champion Cold Creek Blue Brummy. I am located in the Great State of Oklahoma. I hunt my dogs in several different kinds of terrain and conditions, from the rolling hills and hollars of South Eastern Oklahoma to the big river bottoms of Central Oklahoma. I have a couple of very nice females that are well bred, loud mouthed, independent and accurate coon tree'rs that have no problem getting through the country to get the job done. No dog is perfect, but I am very happy with what I am hunting here at Double Tuff and look forward to improving on that with each cross I make. If you are interested in breeding to Brummy, please give me a call. I will do everything I can to ensure you get a nice litter of blue pups with looks, brains and ability that you will be proud to show in the woods any night. Check out Brummy for your next litter off of your fine blue female, Brummy and I thank you for your consideration.